Making BP Claims by Phone

BP claimants may choose from the different processes established by BP to ensure smooth transactions and processing of their claims.  One of the easiest ways to report your BP claim is by calling our hotline.

We have a dedicated toll-free number for claimants to use when reporting their claims. This telephone number has been established as an initial recourse. The number to call is 1-888-888-5924.

  1. To ensure that claims are not reported twice, the intake professional will ask a number of questions.
  2. The Caller must be prepared to provide the following information: name, address, location of loss, primary contact information, date of birth, and occupation of the claimant.

The Details of the Claims

Callers will then be asked to detail the damage/loss they are reporting.

  1. For Property Damage Claims – information should be provided as to the nature of the damage. All damages are then recorded as factors. A claimant may have a single property damage claim but can report more than one factor. This applies to individuals who own several properties, or individuals who have a claim for the damage to a fishing vessel and loss of income as well.
  2. For Loss of Income Claims – information should be provided as the nature of the income generation. Claimants are also required to submit proof of income and its history, and proof of loss as linked to the Deepwater Horizon incident.

For Bodily Injury Claims – information should be provided as to the nature of the injury or illness caused by the oil spill or any clean-up operation for that matter. All the symptoms will then be recorded as factors. Similar to No. 1, a claimant may have a Bodily Injury claim but it can include several factors. In addition, the claimant is required to provide the name and address of the medical facility and the attending physician that provided treatment to the claimed injury or illness. All these information is necessary to be added to the report.

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