BP Settlement Updates

Just to keep you updated, the GCCF is closed and you will now need to have you claims filed in New Orleans through an agency that is monitored by the courts. The great news is that $7.8 Billions dollars is now available for BP claimants. This amount is not capped so if necessary, more funds will be available if payments go over this amount.

How This Update Affects You

You will now need an attorney to assist you in filing your BP settlement / BP claims in New Orleans. We have experienced BP lawyers and adjusters who would be happy to help you. Call us today or fill out the form on the right to get started on your claim.

The previous GCCF was known for taking advantage of valid BP claimants by offering an unfair BP settlement that was very low. They knew that the affected businesses were in desperate need of money, and many businesses accepted the low BP settlement since they needed the funds immediately. The new agency that has replaced the GCCF is promising fair payouts without costly delays.

Included Industries in the New System

-Real property damage for coastal and wetland owners

-Property value losses

-Seafood industry


-Loss of subsistence

-Medical issues caused by the oil spill

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