BP Settlement Claims in Alabama

Operations of businesses and many individuals have lost their jobs and income because of the 2010 BP Oil Spill incident. This is the reason why individuals and businesses in affected areas like Alabama are looking at BP settlements to see what they can get to compensate for their losses during that year. In Alabama, the shrimping industry was hit very hard and businesses near the coastline have come to a halt. Imagine the millions of dollars of possible income lost as a result of the accident. The seafood processing and harvesting stopped after the waters were shut down.
Aside from the seafood industry, the tourism industry was badly affected as well. Many water front and beach front properties were damaged by the oil spill and they too, have claims as well. Because of the accident, the tourist season of 2010 was affected. Federal waters and private beaches can never be used until the completion of the clean-up operations making sure that every trace of chemicals and oil are completely removed from the ocean. Real estate has also dwindled and prices of properties dropped in the area.
All these claims have been included in the BP settlement program. Businesses and individuals with legitimate claims can apply for claims associated with losses and damages as a result of the oil spill. This includes property damage, loss of income, loss of property value, and even medical claims. Supporting documents are required to be presented as evidence in court. Claims adjusters will also assess the value of the properties to come up with a fair compensation to the claimant.
In order to apply for settlement claims, get in contact with an oil spill attorney in Alabama or contact us today. Our team of lawyers, accountants, and legal advisers can provide valuable information that can help you advance your case and get maximized compensation from BP.

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